Friday, March 03, 2006

Who's the Hall For?

I wonder why was the Hall of fame constructed? Was it constructed so a group of elitist writers and scholars could decide who they think is worthy based on statistics? I don't believe so. I think the Hall of Fame was formed to recognize the best of baseball. Buck embodies all that is good and can still be good with this game.

Tom Kessler has formed a petition and I urge all of you that read this blog to sign it. You can access it at :
Tom also in the near future will become a major contributor to this blog. We are in the process of working out all of the details so look forward to reading some of Tom's work and getting another perspective on this issue.

In response to a recent post about Cum Posey's credentials I counter with Gus Greenlee. In a class that I once took over the history of baseball, Cum Posey's name was never mentioned. However Gus Greenlee was given much credit for the strength of the Negro Leagues. Greenlee must be forgotten, I guess, because of his involvement with the numbers game. If this is the case we might as well rid the hall of all the horrible people that have graced this game, and there has been a few. I recently read a biography on Satchel Paige and went back and read a few sections after this election. Effa Manley was mentioned but usually in context of her sexual exploits off the field and almost always in the same sentence with her husband.

I guess I should not attack people based soley on the fact that they were elected and Buck O'Neil was not. However the hall is about comparison and providing a standard for players and people associated with baseball to live up to. I don't think Buck should be elected exckusively because of the fact he is a good guy. There have been plenty of good people in baseball. I just think that the voters have to have some sense of what he means to this game. He is on a different level, and the purpose of this blog is to make sure that everyone realizes this.


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