Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What did they do that was so great?

I find it interesting that they put Effa Manley and Cum Posey in the hall. These two people never played the game and I'm assuming that they entered based on their merits as people. One of the arguments I've heard for Cum Posey is that a lot of the negro league stars at one time or another played on his team. Well of course they played on his team, practically everyone in the negro leagues jumped around from team to team. Why don't we just go ahead and put Gus Greenlee in the hall as well. But I guess we wouldn't be able to do this because he had some shady dealings. Now to Manly who was coowner of a team. Wow. Her bio also claims she wrote numerous letters to the hall encouraging the addition of Negro league players, Hello, what do you think Buck o'neil has been doing for the past 40 years.

Sometimes I think the goal of major league baseball and the hall of fame is just to alienate every fan possible. I still haven't heard a valid argument for Buck not making it and the panty-waist committee won't validate their decisions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Effa deserves the nomination, but so does Buck.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regardless of how you feel about O'Neil's non-election, you are wrong to denigrate Cumberland Posey's credentials.

Posey owned the Homsetead Grays, one of the best teams in Negro Leagues history, for more than 30 years, building a dynasty paralleled only by the K.C. Monarchs. He also managed the team from the 19teens until the 1930s, and played outfield for the team from the 19teens until about 1929.

He was a very active and very powerful force in league affairs.

In addition, he penned a baseball column for the Pittsburgh Courier for many many years.

Posey is a true baseball legend.

For more information on Posey, see, for example: James A. Riley, The Encyclopedia of the Negro Baseball Leagues, 636-638.

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